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Email Policy for

  1. Confidentiality and Intended Recipient

Any emails and attachments sent from Brand Aspect Ltd or are intended solely for the recipient named in the email and are confidential in nature. If you are not the intended recipient, please immediately delete the email from your system and notify the sender. Any unauthorized distribution, disclosure or copying of the contents of the email is strictly prohibited.

  1. Error in Receiving Emails

If you receive an email from Brand Aspect Ltd or in error, please notify us immediately through our website and delete the email from your system. You are prohibited from disclosing or using the contents of the email for any purpose other than normal business activity.

  1. Ethical Promotional Email Policy

We believe in ethical promotional practices and maintain a no-spam policy. We may send promotional emails to existing clients, customers, and direct subscribers from time to time. Every promotional email sent will have an unsubscribe link at the top and bottom of the email.

If you wish to unsubscribe from promotional emails, you can do so at any time. We take your privacy seriously, and you will no longer receive any promotional emails from If for any reason, you continue to receive promotional emails after unsubscribing, please contact us immediately, and we will remove you with immediate effect.

  1. Frequency of Emails

On average, we expect to send 10-14 emails per year to our subscribers, which may include relevant information, offers, and promotions that are current to the time of sending. We will never sell your data to third parties, and we maintain strict compliance with UK data protection laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

By subscribing to our email list, you agree to the terms and conditions of our email policy, and you consent to the collection, use, and storage of your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.